Roselawn Heritage Farms
Pete & Jane Karpe
 24069 Rum River Blvd.St.Francis, MN 55070
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       Roselawn Heritge farms FEATURES:

               farm products

Not all Manure is "compost". Composting takes time. Fresh manure will kill your plants. Ours is two to three years old and has totally decomposed. We turn it on a regular basis allowing it to break-down evenly.  There is no smell, and it looks just like black dirt.
But, unlike black dirt, our compost is full of live nutrients and microbes


Grass fed Beef (no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics)
For a better understanding of the difference between "live" compost and "dead" black dirt, click here for the Agriculture Extension's website.

    Local RAW Honey 
Pasturizing kills some of the honey's natural vitamins. Our honey is Raw and therefore full of all of its vitamins and nutrients.
    $12.00 per quart
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